Martin's Chocolatier Hot Chocolate Flakes | 70% Dark Chocolate

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    If you're a fan of 70% chocolate this one is for you! Rich dark chocolate flakes with the Martin's Chocolatier authentic bittersweet after tast. Made with our unique blend of real Belgium chocolate flakes and not cocoa powder.
    These rich and silky smooth Hot Chocolate Flakes will transport you into a chocolatey heaven. Made with real flakes of Belgian 70% dark chocolate. Will you add an extra spoonful of chocolate flakes? or will you stick with the tried and trusted Martins Chocolatier recipe? The choice is yours. Either way you are guaranteed a heavenly hot chocolate tasting experience.
    The perfect gift for all hot chocolate chocoholics, or you may want to keep a secret stash for yourself tucked away for whenever you feel the need to indulge in a steamy hot chocolate treat.
    70% dark chocolate flakes for the ultimate drinking chocolate.
    Contents may settle in transit.
    Suitable for vegetarians.
    Made with real dark chocolate.
    Contains 70% minimum cocoa solids.
    Martin's Chocolatier the best dark hot chocolate drink ever.
    Love Hot Chocolate - Love Martins Chocolatier
    Martin's Chocolatier Hot Chocolate Flakes | 70% Dark Chocolate
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