1kg box of 'Magda' Dark Chocolate Truffle & Orange Enigma

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    A kilogram box of ‘Magda’ dark chocolate and orange enigma.
    Lovers of dark chocolate will enjoy sinking their teeth into this delightful orange infused dark chocolate truffle. This classic handmade truffle is created using the finest ingredients and dark Belgian chocolate which make this the perfect choice to add a little luxury to any corporate event, wedding celebration or chocolate shop assortment.
    This wonderful treat is also available in the Martins Chocolatier Tasty Truffle themed selections.
    Each 'Magda' dark chocolate truffle weighs 14 grams and each kilo box will have approximately 70 truffles which means plenty for everyone.
    Love Dark Chocolate - Love Martins Chocolatier
    1kg box of 'Magda' Dark Chocolate Truffle & Orange Enigma
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