1kg box of 'Edwina' Milk Chocolate Covered Marzipan

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    A kilogram box of ‘Edwina’ a milk chocolate covered marzipan.
    Our milk chocolate marzipan offering is the delectable Edwina, a marzipan recipe consisting of the perfect blend of almonds that will produce a taste and texture guaranteed to have marzipan lovers coming back for more.
    As you have come to expect, only the finest ingredients and Belgian milk chocolate have been used to produce this superb example of gourmet chocolate.
    This luxury chocolate can also be found in the Martins Chocolatier ‘Milky Moody’ and ‘Nutoriously Nutty’ themed Selections.
    Each 'Edwina' chocolate marzipan weighs 16 grams and in each kilo box there are approximately 54 chocolates giving you fantastic value for money.
    Love Marzipan - Love Martins Chocolatier
    1kg box of 'Edwina' Milk Chocolate Covered Marzipan
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