Martins Chocolatier Christmas Chocolate Selection Box

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    A delicious selection of tantalisingly delicious chocolates made for Christmas by Martin's Chocolatier.
    This Christmas chocolate selection is the perfect Christmas Chocolate Gift for both adults and children this festive season. It contains Chocolate Santa, Chocolate Snowman, Chocolate Reindeer and much more.
    This assortment is made with premium Belgian chocolate by master chocolatiers. It contains a selection of our favourite Christmas chocolates, made with milk, dark and white chocolate.
    These chocolates are as beautiful to look at as they are to eat. They are beautifully designed by master chocolatiers, they come in a variety of shapes, colours and flavours so there's something for everyone.
    Love Chocolate, Love Martin's Chocolatier. Martin's Chocolatier aims to introduce luxury specialty chocolates to a wide audience. Chocolates have been chosen that are unrivalled in taste and texture, and that have been made with true passion, skill, flair, and only the finest of ingredients.

    Martins Chocolatier Christmas Chocolate Selection Box
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