Martins Chocolatier Weird and Wonderful Collection

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    A luxury chocolate assortment of 30 flavoured chocolates. This decadent selection is made from 100% Belgian Chocolate from a variety of different chocolate artisans. This handmade artisan chocolate selection contains 15 weird and wonderful flavours including flavoured chocolates, chocolate truffles and pralines.

    A tantalizingly decadent and delicious assortment of white chocolates. This chocolate assortment includes caramels as well as fruity and coffee flavours. The perfect chocolate gift for any chocoholic in your life on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Easter and other Special Occasions.

    Martin's Chocolatier aims to introduce luxury specialty chocolates to a wide audience. Chocolates have been chosen that are unrivalled in taste and texture, and that have been made with true passion, skill, flair, and only the finest of ingredients.

    Martins Chocolatier Weird and Wonderful Collection
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