Martins Chocolatier French Chocolate Liqueurs Tin

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    Dark chocolate with alcoholic centres made with premium spirits, this set includes 4 flavours which are Williams Pear, Cherry, St James Rum and Label 5 Whisky.
    These Chocolate Liqueurs are made in France by Master Chocolatiers, who balance the rich flavour of the premium quality dark chocolate with the mouth-watering taste of the liquid alcohol centres.
    Each chocolate is individually wrapped and they are as beautiful to look at as they are to eat. They come in a beautifully designed gift tin, so they would look amazing under your Christmas tree this season.
    These Chocolate Liqueurs are the perfect Christmas Chocolates. Share this tin of Chocolates with guests this Christmas, give them to loved ones as a Christmas Stocking filler or give them to colleagues as a Secret Santa gift.
    Martin's Chocolatier aims to introduce luxury specialty chocolates to a wide audience. Chocolates have been chosen that are unrivalled in taste and texture, and that have been made with true passion, skill, flair, and only the finest of ingredients.

    Martins Chocolatier French Chocolate Liqueurs Tin
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